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Gut health scientist explains the horrendous reasons why he'll never eat these 4 common foods

Gut health scientist explains the horrendous reasons why he'll never eat these 4 common foods

I guess I'm changing my dinner plans tongiht!

Anyone who has ever had food poisoning knows how dreadful it can be, and while most of us make every effort to ensure that our food hygiene is impeccable, occasionally we are caught off guard by a dodgy meal or snack.

Many people were taken aback when a gut health expert revealed the five foods he will never eat, some of which are things you might regularly order in a restaurant or buy at the supermarket.

@MrGutHealth on TikTok created a video explaining why these foods are bad for you and how they are "most likely" going to make you sick.

The scientist claims that food poisoning can "increase your risk of having long-term gut health problems such as post-infectious IBS".

Top 4 foods to avoid:

“These are filter feeders so they pick up everything in the water, including bacteria".

Rare Beef Burgers
"Don't order your beef burgers rare, it's not the same as getting a steak.”

He adds: “Beef burgers are typically made from minced meat so all the bacteria on the outside gets mixed in together. Make sure you order them at least medium rare".

Discounted Sushi
"Most fish used to make sushi is actually frozen to kill the parasites and bacteria but it goes off really quickly once prepared, so make sure you eat it all on the same day".

“Sprouts are grown in warm conditions and we don’t typically cook them, so they’re responsible for at least one food poisoning outbreak every year.”

“I know they’re supposed to be superfoods, but the risk isn’t worth the reward…”

Bagged Salad
"How mad is this? 22% of all food poisoning outbreaks in the last decade have been linked to salads," he says while citing the CDC in the US - These figures don't relate to NZ, but it's still pretty crazy, right?!

That has to be the most shocking information I’ve heard all week! 

Mr Gut Health continued: "The reason these pre-washed, pre-packaged salads are so risky is that there are so many potential cross-contamination points and the inside of the bags are always moist and that's a perfect environment for bacteria to proliferate".

Well, I don’t know about you but I’m definitely guilty of eating all of the above. Thank goodness we’ve been warned - I was planning on stopping to get some sushi on the way home!