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Mum shares her genius hack to prevent condensation and dampness in your home

Mum shares genius (and cheap) tip to prevent condensation in your home

Apparently it's a great alternative for dehumdifier!
18 November 2022 10:38AM

Although summer is only half a month away, it still feels like winter sometimes so this might be something useful for you or someone you know.
Mum-of-one Natasha Murfin's affordable hack is something you can try out now or use later when you need it. 

Natasha puts salt in a paper cup and leaves them on her windowsill overnight which stops condensation and dampness.

She was introduced to this game-changer hack by her grandparents. They'd leave the salt out to avoid dampness during winter.
Natasha says it's a great alternative to dehumidifiers. 

"I can't afford a dehumidifier in every room so I thought, even if it doesn't work, it's only about £3 — I may as well give it a go"

And as she says, "It worked an absolute treat".
£3 is around NZD $5.58. 

It is way cheaper too, as 1.5kg of salt costs her £1.75 ( NZD $3.37) and 15 paper cups for £1.15 (NZD $2.21).

Natasha puts a salt cup in every room in her house. 

"The windows used to drip with condensation, and we would have to wipe them every morning with a squeegee. Since using the salt trick, we haven't had to wipe them once" she explained. 
"I only half fill the cups with salt, and I shake them every morning to check the salt isn't sticking together,"
she added.

You can also reuse the damp salt by drying it and using it again. 

The reason why salt helps prevent condensation and dampness is because of its "strong ability to absorb water from its surroundings".
As the Scientific American explains, "Above a relative humidity of about 75 percent salt will even become deliquescent, meaning it takes up so much water that it becomes a solution."