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You can now search your kids name on The Department of Christmas Affairs' 'Naughty, Nice' list

You can now search your kids name on The Department of Christmas Affairs' 'Naughty, Nice' list

On the naughty list? There's still time to fix that!

It’s December 1st and the festive season has officially begun, which means that Santa is getting ready to receive the ‘Naughty & Nice’ list. 

Lucky for you, The North Pole’s Department of Christmas Affairs has released a list with everyone’s names and their current behaviour status.

According to the website, “The Department of Christmas Affairs uses the Global Behaviour Tracking Network and data mining technology to determine who will be in good favour come Christmas.”

The list features an easy search function so all you need to do is type in the name of the child in question and next to their name will be the status of behaviour.

Of course, Santa is on the ‘Nice List’!

SOURCE: www.christmasaffairs.com

Unlucky for Rudolph, his nose was shining so bright the elves couldn’t see when they were wrapping the nice kids' present that he ended up on the ‘Naughty List’.

SOURCE: www.christmasaffairs.com

If your name is on the ‘Naughty List’ right now, don’t worry too much about that because there’s still time to change it.

You need to move quickly to make it onto the nice list. If you think your results are off, it's crucial that you let the Department of Christmas Affairs know as soon as you can. 

The Department of Christmas affairs will allow you to dispute your result and will review your behaviour status. 

“Good deeds and genuine niceties will be detected by the Department’s Global Behaviour Tracking Network and good vibes will be sent directly to the North Pole Records Centre.”

You only have one opportunity to present your entire case in your request for review. So make sure to list all the good deeds you believe have earned you a spot along Santa’s visit.

Once you make it on the ‘Nice List’ you will be able to download your very own ‘NicePass’. 

SOURCE: The Department of Christmas Affairs Facebook Page

As of December 7th, you’ll be able to store your pass in your Apple or Google Wallet - just in case you need to show off to your family, friends or government officials.

So, you better watch out because Santa Clause is coming to town and he always checks his list twice to make sure he delivers to the kids who have been nice!