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Woman shares her grandma's genius tip to keep fruits fresh for longer

Woman shares her grandma's genius tip to keep fruits fresh for longer

Nothing like keeping the family secret alive!
30 November 2022 2:34PM

An Aussie woman was impressed by a genius hack that her grandma recently taught her to keep fruits fresh for two weeks.
Mum of two Andie wanted to share this with other mums on TikTok after discovering that it worked well for her. 

"My nana was recently staying at our house and my daughter loves berries," she said.
"We buy them from Woolies just in the plastic containers, but they always go off after a couple of days."
"So my nana said, why don’t you store them in glass jars?"

After trying it out for herself, she was astonished by the results.
"I tested it and had some strawberries in this glass jar that my daughter’s eating," she said in the video. 

Picking one of the strawberries and taking a bite, she said, "Look at this strawberry, it’s perfect!"
"It’s been in the fridge for probably 2 weeks".

One viewer asked the important question, asking if she put a lid on the jar and if it worked for all berries. 
"yup lid on! And I've tried it with strawberries, blackberries and blueberries!" Andie replied. 

Many were grateful to Andie's nana.
"What!?! 2 weeks 😳 Thanks for the tip Nanna!"
"Thanks Nanna! Gonna try it right now"

As much as people were thanking her for this incredible hack, there were a few who already knew about this, with one person saying it even lasted for nearly 3 weeks. 

"Should always remove any fruit and veg from the plastic they come in, last way longer," one person recommended.