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Woman's simple Christmas present wrapping hack is hailed as a 'game-changer'

Simple Christmas present wrapping hack hailed as a 'game-changer'

Better get in quick before the wrapping madness begins
18 November 2022 2:46PM

A little Christmas wrapping gadget has blown up on Tiktok after a woman taught others how to quickly wrap presents without scissors.

'@Marilyn2685', showed her followers the quick and easy method, captioning the clip, "Holiday must have!!"

The clip shows Marilyn employing the help of a contraption called 'A Little Elf'. She positions it around a scroll of wrapping paper and the paper is neatly cut within a matter of seconds.

The device was bought from Walmart but, you can find it in New Zealand from The Market, priced at $28.70.

The clip has garnered plenty of attention, receiving more than 11.4 million views and over 816,000 likes, with TikTok users praising the efficient hack.

One person commented, "Just ordered this," and another added, "I have 3. I can't live without them now."