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Typo wrapping paper fail

Aussie mum hillariously missed this x-rated detail on her Typo Christmas wrapping paper

“I've only wrapped small presents in it now with strategically placed name labels."

One mum has had a Christmas nightmare after discovering she had chosen hilariously x-rated wrapping paper for her family gifts.

Australian mother of four Nicole was wrapping her Christmas gifts this week when she noticed a few images on what she thought was fairly innocent and festive wrapping paper.

The paper, which was innocently titled ‘Christmas Wrapping Paper Roll’ online, contained X-rated cartoon images. The paper shows an excitable snowman whose carrot slipped a little further south, while another two reindeer having a bit of playtime together - if you get what I mean...

SOURCE: Kidspot

Nicole didn't realise the gift wrap she ordered from the stationary and gifts store Typo was a little more naughty than nice until she'd already wrapped a few presents in it - oops!

Speaking to Kidspot, Nicole explained: “When I first saw it I had to send photos to my friend and mother to see if they noticed anything off while wiping laughing tears from my face.”

With her kid being aged four to sixteen, Nicole didn’t exactly want to begin the birds and the bees - or should I say snowman and reindeer - chat just yet. But she also didn’t want the wrapping to go to waste.

“I have only wrapped small presents in it now with strategically placed name labels."

That takes some major skill and commitment!

Feeling the urge to share the hilarity, Nicole uploaded pics of the wrapping paper on the Christmas Mums Australia Facebook group for others to have a giggle at her terrible fail.

SOURCE: Cottonon.com

Over 340 people responded to Nicole's post, many of them being parents who shared that they appreciated the warning because they too had made the same mistake.

One mum shared: “I just wrapped my cousin’s 3-year-old son’s present in this.”

“Literally bought it today as my ‘Santa’ wrapping and now I’m rethinking this decision,” joked another. 

Well, I didn’t think I’d have to share this today, but take this as your warning to check the images of your gift paper before wrapping this year's presents!