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Best man pulls the spotlight from bride to propose to her sister

Best man pulls the spotlight from bride to propose to her sister

There's one golden rule at a wedding: don't overshadow the bride!
20 January 2023 3:54PM

Your wedding day is a very special day for every bride, and so it’s fair that most don’t want it hijacked by people stealing the spotlight.
That’s exactly what happened at this wedding though. 

In a video posted to TikTok, the newly married bride is getting ready to throw the bouquet as the MC is counting down. 

Just as he gets to one though, the bride turns around with all her bridesmaids looking visibly shocked…

After being handed the bouquet, the sister looks around visibly confused until her partner pops out and drops down to one knee. 

Now in most cases, a proposal at a wedding would be a big no-no, but in this case, the bride was in on it from the start. 

In fact, she is possibly the most excited one in the room, as she can be seen cheering on the sideline once her sister clicks to what's happening. 

People still weren't too pleased in the comments though, with people saying "I feel like it's tacky to propose at someone else's wedding” and "I'm sorry nobody is proposing on my wedding day, friend, family, idc”. 

But, given that it was the bride's sister, she was clearly fine with sharing a small portion of her big day.

There were heaps of people in support of the bride’s decision: 

"This is one of the only acceptable ways to propose at a wedding bc he clearly got permission from the bride and groom beforehand,"

“This is adorable I LOVE that you  shared this special moment on her special day with her sister, nothing better than a sister bond this close 💗💗”