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Bride begs for help after mum says she'll wear her old wedding dress to spite ex-husband

Bride begs for help after mum says she'll wear her old wedding dress to spite ex-husband

“Save your mom from that terrible decision."

A bride has been left at a “complete loss” after her “insane” mum said that she would wear her own wedding dress to her daughter's big day. 

The unnamed bride made an anonymous post to Reddit asking for others' opinions on the awkward situation.

The post prefaced: “I would hate for this information to get back to my mum. I love her IMMENSELY but she is a very intense person and her feelings get hurt easily.”

The bride then explained: “She let me know last night that she’s thinking of wearing her old wedding dress to my wedding.”

“She wore this dress to marry my dad, he will be there with his new partner and my mum will be there with hers.”

The soon-to-be-wed then asked for commenters to share “any ideas to politely let her know that [the bride] thinks this is a tiny bit insane.”

“I would really appreciate it cus I’m at a complete loss,” added the bride-to-be.

Now, if you’re wondering, this isn’t just a casual dress that could get away with passing as a casual gown. The bride describes it as “a floor length, long sleeve, white lace wedding dress.” 

That would be hard to blend in with the other guests.

Many commenters agreed that the mother of the bride should change her “bonkers” outfit choice. 

One wrote: “That is a truly bonkers request from the mom, like... how is she not aware of how sad/desperate/pathetic it would make her look?”

“Mom, you wear that dress and you will be escorted out immediately,” bluntly suggested another.

A third agreed, but more kindly suggested: “Save your mom from that terrible decision. Instead, could you take her gown shopping and have her hair and makeup updated while you’re at it? She needs a confidence boost and to feel beautiful.”

Regardless of how the bride decides to tell her mother, the overall agreement is that she should absolutely change her dress choice.