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Hairdresser divides the internet by sharing her ‘icks’

Hairdresser divides the internet by sharing her ‘icks’

Let's hope her clients don't see that video
18 January 2023 4:52PM

Heading to a new hairdresser can sometimes be a little awkward with the awkward small talk and never knowing where to look. One hairdresser from Illinois has created quite a stir after she listed her top icks’ she receives from her clients. 

When a client comes to me with super dirty hair, no.

Your colour’s not going to take as well with dirty hair.

@emilyrosepytel posted the video to TikTok and has ended up creating a bit of heat around the topic. 

Receiving over 321,000 views, people were quick to head to the comment section to point out a few things. 

For starters, it seems most of us have always been told the opposite when it comes to the state of our hair when we come in. 

“We were told for years to go in w dirty hair”
“Waitttttt I was always told to get your hair coloured with dirty hair??”
“My hair stylist tells me to come in with dirty hair??”

I for one am guilty of my bobblehead not staying in place, or accidentally making eye contact while getting my hair washed, but hey we all know what we’re in for! 

Some people even commented their own ‘customer icks’ 

“when we are in on time and you say take a seat 20mins later still sitting in the seat”
“Customer ick: when you do a service on us and don’t tell us there’s an extra cost for it until we get to the cash” 

The ‘ick’ trend has been going around TikTok with heaps of people weighing in, even celebs like Meghan Trainor!