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Mum confesses she celebrated her son's birthday on the wrong date for two years

Mum confesses she celebrated her son's birthday on the wrong date for two years

"The worst part? It's my middle child!"
9 January 2023 12:34PM

One mum has confessed that she's been getting one crucial piece of information wrong about her son for the past two years - his birth date.

The US woman, who has four children, said she only realised the family had been celebrating his birthday on the wrong date while she was sorting out a medical bill.

"Here's a little story to allow all the mums of littles out there to maybe feel a little better about yourselves," mum Emily Vondy posted to the family's TikTok account.

She then recounted how an insurance company that was covering a paediatrician's bill was held up by her son's incorrect birthdate on the paperwork.

"My son's birthday is the 26th, I'm his mother, I know his birthday", she explains, believing the company is wrong."

"I'm about to call up my insurance company to let them have it and I say, maybe I should scroll back on Facebook to look at the birth announcement years ago to make sure."

Luckily Facebook has its own paper trail because she realises how wrong she's been.

"For two years I'm been celebrating his birthday on the 26th", she confesses, realising that February 25th is his actual birthdate.

Laughing at the ridiculous situation, she says she called back the paediatrician back to admit to her error, and will make it up to her kid by having a "mummy date" with her middle child.

The video has received more than 3 million views, with other parents sharing their own parenting mistakes.

"I got flustered one day when someone said I had a handsome baby boy and asked his name. I said Ron. Her name is Harper. It’s hard out here," said one comment.

'I spelled my OWN NAME wrong on my child's birth certificate," confessed another mum.

And one poor woman confessed even dads are just as bad, sharing "My dad introduced me at a wedding as "Ellen". My name is Annie. I was 19."

Fair to say that middle child will be milking his mum's mistake for a long time!