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Never struggle with a fitted sheet again! Mum’s space-saving tip for folding bedding

Never struggle with a fitted sheet again! Mum’s space-saving tip for folding bedding

This is a great way to store bedding and save space!
20 January 2023 4:49PM

The holidays are over and normal life is starting to resume again, and with that comes the dreaded… fitted sheet. 

You’ll go in with good intentions, try your hardest, but eventually you'll just end up scrunching it into a semi-folded ball and stuffing it in the cupboard. 

Well, luckily @tidy_with_threeya has come to the rescue of all the fitted sheet folders out there! 

Threeya’s method sees her fold her bedding set all into a single pillowcase!

Sharing her tip to Instagram, people were quick to get on board: 

Start with your fitted bed sheet. Take one corner, get it to meet the other corner, do the same onto the other side and get those two to meet together

This way you get a square shape that you can then fold into a rectangle

So simple! The video continues with the bedsheet and pillowcases…

Take your bedsheet, one of the pillowcases, and the fitted sheet you've just folded. Fold these together to make a pillow shape

Take the other pillowcase, turn it inside out, and weave through what you've just folded

She even made reference in the caption that we don't have to worry about the outer pillowcase getting dirty too…

People were loving this in the comment section too:
“Oh my god !! I feel so dumb after watching this 😂😂 how much space my folding of those taken at my home .. thank you so much for this 🙏🏼🙏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼” 

There were even some who already use this tip, and had their own spin to add in too:
“I have done this for years, also helps keep the set together, add a dryer sheet to keep them smelling fresh”