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Ring reveal new mini drones that fly around the house, so you can check if you left the oven on

Ring reveal new mini drones that fly around the house, so you can check if you left the oven on

Shh, don't tell the kids we can see them stealing snacks!

Home security brand Ring has revealed that they are releasing a mini drone that will fly around patrolling your home while you’re away.

Already proving to be quite the success with their smart camera doorbells, Ring has designed this new piece of home tech to cover the whole inside of your home as well.

The ‘Always Home Cam’ can fly around and show you different parts of your house without needing to set up multiple cameras which can get extremely expensive.


You can access the camera from your smartphone, so where ever you are, as long as you have a good WIFI connection, it’s like you never left the house.

Who’s gonna tell the kids they can’t be sneaking lollies into their rooms from now on?

Although Ring has said that they will be doing a wide release of the new mini drones, it is yet to be confirmed when we will be able to buy the product here in NZ.

SOURCE: Reddit/u/Cecca105

Founder Jamie Siminoff told the outlet that 2024 is likely to be the earliest it'll be made available, stating: "We are looking forward to – in the next short future – shipping it out to customers at high volume."

As for price, there is no set cost right now, but The Verge reckons it’ll cost around USD $250 (NZD $400). 

One of the biggest struggles for the brand has been making it affordable for customers.

 "If it was a $2,000 product, we could put the sensors on it today, and it would be fine,” said Siminoff.

To be fair, it would certainly eliminate those moments at work when you worry you've left the oven on or not shut the back gate.

But after a clip of the new drone was shared in a now-deleted Reddit thread, let's just say many had concerns about the privacy of the new product and its ties to the online shopping retailer, Amazon. 

"Amazon has found a way into every inch of your home,” said one sceptical buyer.

Another shared: "What the betting it's tied to Amazon recommendations. 'Your couch is looking a bit s***, here are some you might like...'"

"Now they can tell you the space between your table and your couch can be filled with some Amazon products that can be overnighted to your home if you just say yes into your Alexa,” joked a third.

I mean, the idea is definitely there. I guess we’ll have to wait for the 'Always Home Cam' to be released to see how revolutionary the new home security systems can be.