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The top vintage baby names coming back in 2023

The top vintage baby names coming back in 2023

Some of these vintage baby names are very unique
23 January 2023 5:59PM

It's a decision month in the making. Most expectant parents will spend countless nights researching baby names, seeing trends, and deciding just what one feels right.

Although popular baby names rise and fall in their popularity, one baby naming consultant is highlighting the value in vintage baby names. 

Michelle (@growlittlewildflower) took to Instagram to share which classic baby names from previous generations could be making their comeback in 2023.

Old Vintage Names…timeless, beautiful, elegant, handsome,

Feminine Vintage Names 

- Aurelia
- Posey
- Effie
- Elsie
- Edith
- Esther
- Betty
- Vivienne
- Hattie
- Goldie
- Birdie
- Viola
- Polly
- Winnie
- Clara
- Dorothy
- Ida
- Olive
- Zelda
- Adeline
- Dixie
- Genevieve
- Hazel


Masculine Vintage Names 

- Walter
- Ted
- Winston
- August
- Archibald
- Milton
- Silas
- Harris
- Wiley
- Max
- Stanley
- Finn
- Benedict
- Otto
- Oliver
- Miles
- Theodore
- Quentin
- Grover
- Ezra
- Caspian
- Vance
- Jasper

Michelle not only listed the vintage names but also provided parents with another little piece of advice to find the perfect name:

A gentle reminder to look back through your family history,

You may just find a name from generations ago that fits so perfectly within your little family today.
And how special to know it was once a loved name many years ago!