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TikTok family face major backlash for 'dangerous' Disneyland ride 'hack'

TikTok family face major backlash for 'dangerous' Disneyland ride 'hack'

“They are designed to make sure people don’t die."

A family has come under fire for a "hack" they suggest using at theme parks to sneak small children on rides.

The Kelly family shared the clip to their TikTok account @the.kelly.fam where they regularly post about their family life.

In the clip, the father says his young son Kannon is a “thrill-seeking boy who can’t get enough of Disney theme park rides.”

 He continues by saying that Kannon's love of rides is only hindered by the fact that he isn't quite tall enough for the "big ones."

So taking matters into their own a hand the parents decided to create a pair of platform shoes tall enough for Kannon to reach the minimum height limit.

But while the father claimed his invention to be the "perfect theme park hack," not everyone agreed with his choice of shoe modifications.

Many concerned TikTok users took to the comment section to blast the parents for their “dangerous “ hack.

“They are designed to make sure people don’t die. Fixing his height doesn’t take away the danger of height restrictions,” one user wrote.

Another sarcastically wrote: “I made my son shoes that help him fly off of roller coasters.” 

The video also attracted workers from theme parks, who were quick to slam the family.

“This is why we’re trained to look at shoes to see if they are tampered with,” wrote one user who claimed she worked at one of the Disney theme parks.

“I used to work at Disney on Primeval Whirl which had one of the highest height restrictions and yeah there for a reason and for safety,” wrote another.

What do you think, is this allgood or is it a big no-no?!