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‘Don’t try this at home’ Doctors warn against dangerous potato TikTok trend

‘Don’t try this at home’ Doctors warn against dangerous potato TikTok trend

A TikTok trend using raw potato juice to cure infections like Strep A could be potentially life-threatening.
21 April 2023 5:33PM

A dangerous health trend has been making rounds on TikTok, with many people claiming that drinking raw potato juice can cure infections such as Strep A. One blogger with thousands of followers, Allie Casazza, even shared that she had successfully cured her daughter's Strep A with potato juice, claiming that the infection was gone within two hours. However, doctors are calling out this trend as dangerous and potentially life-threatening.

Dr. Iddy Mughal, also known as Dr. Idz on TikTok, responded to Casazza's video with his own, stating that it was one of the most dangerous videos he had ever seen. He urged people not to treat severe throat symptoms with potato juice and explained that symptom relief does not necessarily mean the bacterial infection is gone. He emphasized the importance of getting proper medical treatment, including antibiotics, for Strep A infections.

"If a potato juice seems to ease the sore throat, symptom relief does not mean the bacterial infection is dead" 

"If your child has strep throat, get it treated quickly and properly."

Strep A, caused by the Group A Streptococcus bacteria, is a relatively common childhood infection. While most cases are mild, untreated infections can lead to potentially life-threatening complications such as rheumatic fever. 

Dr. Rubin, a pediatrician, also called out the validity of Casazza's claims and urged people to seek proper medical treatment. Many others in the comments section of the video also expressed scepticism and concern over the dangerous health trend.

Raw potatoes also aren't as harmless as they seem, thanks to two troublesome compounds - solanine and lectins. These sneaky substances can stir up gastric distress and even make you sick.