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This viral optical illusion will tell you if you're 'emotionally volatile' or 'friendly'

This viral optical illusion will tell you if you're 'emotionally volatile' or 'friendly'

Is this accurate for you?

If you want to know a little more about yourself, this optical illusion can supposedly help you out!

The personality-revealing photo was shared by Mia Yilin on TikTok and has been viewed almost 12 million times. It shows a photo of a snowy mountain range… or is that a dog?

Depending on what you saw out of those two options, you’re either “friendly” but a bit of a people pleaser or an “emotionally volatile” person who believes in promises. 

“If you first saw the mountains, then you are a very friendly and kind-hearted person,” Mia states. “You don’t like to argue over small things so you often let others have their way.”

“Although you sometimes lack initiative in life, you are super hard working and always give everything 100%, even if you don’t get much in return.”

However, if a puppy is what you first saw, it’s a different story. 

“You like to pretend that you are indifferent to major life events happening around you,” Mia says. “But in reality, you feel anxious and insecure. You’re quite emotionally volatile.”

“When things go your way, you are over the moon, but when they don’t, you feel very frustrated.”

“You also take your promises super seriously and what annoys you the most is people who go back on their word.”

I don’t know about you, but I saw a mountain that looks like a dog so I must be a mix of both personalities!

As it turns out, you can probably learn every single thing about yourself if you scroll through Mia’s TikTok!

She has dozens and dozens of videos that are similar to the mountain/dog one discussed above. 

One video explains how your personality can be defined by the way you make a fist with your hand - either thumb inside or thumb outside. 

I’m not entirely sure how Mia knows all this stuff, or where she’s finding all these optical illusions, but it is a bit of fun if you don’t take it too seriously!