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Woman's quick and easy hack to remove Salmon's skin goes viral

Woman's quick and easy hack to remove Salmon's skin goes viral

"It comes off beautifully"
11 April 2023 4:56PM

A woman shared an easy hack to remove the skin of salmon before cooking, and if you like it without it, this might be the 'greatest salmon hack' for you as stated by the user Rose Reisman.

There may be several reasons why one does not prefer the skin of salmon be it the flavour or just in general. When removing the skin with a knife, you tend to take some bits of salmon with it. Rose's simple hack removes the skin without taking any salmon so you can have them all. 

Sharing a video of her demonstrating it, people are so impressed and have all thanked her for providing such a handy hack!

The video has garnered around 1.5 million views in just ten days and doesn't stop. 

"I’ve got the greatest hack for removing salmon skin! (If you want to remove it. Some enjoy the skin!) " Rose writes in the caption.

In the video, she holds a teapot filled with boiling water in one hand, and a piece of fresh salmon in another. 

There's a baking tray placed on the table with a rack over it. 

She then puts the salmon on the rack and slowly pours the hot water over it. 

"Don't worry it is not going to cook it" Rose says as she continues to pour water.

Then she allows the boiling water to penetrate a bit into the fish, and then she starts to peel off the skin which works like magic!

"It comes off beautifully," Rose says as it easily peels off.

However, if it does get stuck somewhere while peeling, Rose recommends using a knife gently to cut it. 

"But look at that! How quick and easy was that" Rose says as she completely removes the skin within seconds after pouring the hot water onto the fish. 

Although there were viewers who commented saying that they preferred their salmon with skin, there were many who thanked her for this hack and called it  "revolutionary".

"This is revolutionary" one wrote.

"This just changed my life" another wrote. l

One user also shared how she usually cuts salmon into cubes before cooking, so learning about this was incredibly helpful. 

"I cube my salmon a lot so taking the skin off before it’s cooked is really the only option since the skin is hard to cut through" they wrote.