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Kmart's New Aroma Diffuser has sent some into a panic

Kmart's New Aroma Diffuser has sent some into a panic

The aroma diffuser causes some people to do a little double-take.
18 May 2023 3:13PM

Kmart has caught the attention of shoppers with their new aroma diffuser.
The $49 diffuser features artificial flames emanating from a sleek black casing.

While the product description tells people to “Allow yourself to relax with its in-built mist and light selections with timer options”, it seems to be creating a bit more of a panic. 

The intriguing diffuser was quickly shared on social media when a shopper came across it and shared a screenshot in a Kmart Facebook group. 

"This is too funny not to share," the shopper captioned the photo. "Doesn't this look like a toaster on fire to anyone else?"


Kmart describes the diffuser's appearance as creating a "fireplace ambience."
We just hope the diffuser doesn't only smell like burnt toast! 

However, people have also praised the diffuser's unique aesthetic and it has only received five-star reviews on their website. 

“My boss has one in his office and it looks amazing!” one wrote, with another adding “Yes, my daughter has one and it’s horrific lol. I worry that the neighbours are going to see it ‘burning’ when on at night and then the fire brigade [will] rock up!!”