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WATCH: Dad breaks down crying after his daughters surprise him together for first time in years

WATCH: Dad breaks down crying after his daughters surprise him together for first time in years

“Please protect this man at all costs."

Family, there's nothing quite like it. One dad proves how much he adores his whānau after being moved to tears at the sight of his daughters, who all surprised him with a get-together. 

An emotional video was posted to TikTok by one of the daughters and has been viewed over 900k times and liked 130k times. It shows his daughters waiting on the balcony as the completely unexpecting father arrives home. Once he realises his girls are all together he starts crying happy tears and continuously saying “my girls” and “you’re all together”. 

“Surprised our 75-year-old dad by having all his daughters in place for the first time in years,’ the caption of the TikTok reads. 

Commenters on the TikTok are absolutely loving the family reunion, even wishing for it to happen more often. 

“Please protect this man at all costs,” wrote one person. 

“Good Lord I’m bawling!” said another. “NOTHING like family! Best video I’ve seen all day!”

“This just melts my heart!!” a third added. “I am so happy for your Dad and your family!!”

“Please get together more often for this man,” one more said. 

Another time a father was moved to tears thanks to their daughter taking action was back in February of this year. 

A father in the US saw his book rise to number one on the Amazon bestseller list a decade after it came out, all thanks to his daughter making a TikTok. 

Lloyd Devereux Richards began writing a crime thriller called ‘Stone Maidens’ all the way back in 1998 and didn’t finish it until 2009. It didn’t get published until 2012, but unfortunately flopped when it was released. 

A decade after its disappointing debut, Lloyd’s daughter Marguerite asked her father if she could make a TikTok video of him to promote the book. Lloyd was hesitant at first, having never heard of the app, but Marguerite insisted and he finally let her.

She was successful, as the book became the most popular novel on Amazon.