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Mum influencer shares ‘top tier’ lifehack to get a back massage from your kids while they play

Mum influencer shares ‘top tier’ lifehack to get a back massage from your kids while they play

Definitely have to give this one a go!

Being a mother can take a toll not only mentally, but physically too. If that’s the case for you, make use of this brilliant hack that’ll have your kids giving you a back massage without even knowing it!

Nena Gandesha, or @squashedpickle on Instagram, shared the tip on her social media. All you need is a white shirt, a ruler, a marker pen and a kid who likes playing with toy cars. 

Grab the shirt and draw some roads on the back of it. Then, put the shirt on, lie your stomach down on the ground and let your kid drive on the roads with their toy car. Voila, a back massage free of charge. 

Nena said in the video that it feels incredible and can last for ages since you’re kid is having fun doing it. 

“This is hours of fun,” she said. “Keeps them entertained, and you get the best massage you will ever get. Just a little side-note, Hot Wheels feel amazing and monster trucks are soo good.”

Commenters responding to Nena are absolutely loving the parenting tip, applauding its ingenuity. 

“Oh this is top-tier lifehacking,” wrote one person.

“This is actually genius,” another said. “Gonna have to share it!”

“Who needs a spa when I can do this?” a third added. 

“BEST MUM HACK EVER,” one more wrote. 

Another parenting hack you can utilise helps out with potty-training the little one

A mum explained how she uses voice-controlled assistance to make the difficult task of potty training easier but also fun.

"I have an echo dot (Alexa) in my kitchen. I ask her to set a reminder for every 40 minutes for '[my son] to sit on the potty," she wrote.

The woman explained she rewards her son with a sticker, adding that finally, she's starting to see some progress.

Maybe you can combine the two and reward your child with some toy car play time after they use the potty!