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Mum's Lunchtime Magic: 5 Weeks of Sandwiches in one go

Mum's Lunchtime Magic: 5 Weeks of Sandwiches in one go

School lunches can be hard, but this mum has a secret
12 June 2023 5:14PM

Mum, Elise, has set the internet ablaze with her lunchtime hack of making five weeks' worth of school lunches all at once. Yep you read that right - five whole weeks in one!

That means she whips up a staggering 27 sandwiches in a single go, then into the freezer they go, individually wrapped and ready to go.

There are some parents out there who have been questioning the taste and texture of these frozen Sammie, with many being worried their kids would be munching down on soggy or worse yet, semi-frozen sandwiches. 

But Elise has ensured us to fear not as she sets the record straight. 

"Just to be clear; I don’t expect my child to eat soggy sandwiches. They defrost well overnight”

"I also don’t expect my child to eat frozen sandwiches. They are defrosted the night before".

And for the potential sogginess, Elise drops another genius move…

"We add all those things on the morning of eating. Let the sandwich defrost overnight on bench and then add the salad that morning".

While some sceptics have been grumbling, the majority have been showering Elise with praise. We all know the stress of school lunches after all! 

So get ready to freeze, defrost, and conquer the school lunch game like a champion!