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Aussie foodie shares the unexpected condiment to add that will level up your roast potatoes

Aussie foodie shares the unexpected condiment to add that will level up your roast potatoes

I know what I'm having for dinner tonight!

Hot roast potatoes are one of the best dishes to add to your dinner plate, especially during these colder nights. But the trick to getting them perfectly crispy is a fine art many of us have yet to conquer. 

That was until one Aussie woman shared the unexpected ingredient to add before roasting her potatoes to make them “so crunchy”.

Shared by @taste.com.au on TikTok, the woman shows off the perfect crunchy coating to her roastie dish.

‘How does she achieve such perfection?’ I hear you ask.

Well, it’s actually very simple and something you may already have sitting in your pantry - Kewpie mayo.

She starts by chopping up her tatties into even chunks, puts them into a pot and brings the water to a boil.

Once they’ve softened up a bit, she drains the water and lets the potatoes sit. While they are resting she creates the Kewpie magic.

In a bowl, she mixes a generous amount of the mayo, some salt and pepper to season and voila, the perfect addition to create crunchy bites of heaven!

She then tosses the potatoes in the mixture and for a little extra mayo madness adds a drizzle on top of a baking tray lined with baking paper before roasting the potatoes in the oven.

After they’ve reached that beautiful golden brown coating, she pulls them out and enjoys the crunch with a side of mayo, of course!

That’s not the only unexpected ingredient that can level up your potato game. 

An Aussie mum has shared the surprising ingredient she adds to her roast potato recipe, calling it "the best food hack ever". 

The woman revealed the secret in her 'Mums Who Clean' Facebook post, which went viral back in 2020. 

The recipe begins with the standard preparation for roast potatoes: peeling, cutting and placing them in a baking dish.

"Then, get French Onion dry soup mix and sprinkle over top of the spuds," the woman explained. 

Finally, drizzle the spuds with oil and bake as usual. 

Well, I think I know what we’ll all be having for dinner tonight - enjoy!