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Aussie shopper warns against buying from Temu after claiming 'hackers' stole hundreds from her

Aussie shopper warns against buying from Temu after claiming 'hackers' stole hundreds from her

"This is why I only use gift cards..."

One TikToker is warning people to be vigilant when putting their bank details into the popular online retailer Temu.

Aussie gal Phoebe believes that her account was “hacked” and her information was sold on “the black market”. 

She lost hundreds of dollars to hackers who got hold of her personal information and started making multiple unauthorised purchases in her name. 

In a video posted to TikTok, she wrote: "I have reason to believe this happened through Temu. However, this could've happened through any app I've entered my detials into. Be safe..."

Those sneaky thieves were clever, taking just three bucks a day over two months, so it's not too obvious.

Phoebe does reveal that her bank was quick to warn her about “suspicious activity”, but with loads of scams going around regarding bank accounts and other compromised information, she didn’t want to take any risks.

“I was like this is such bullsh**, I’m not falling for this sh** . They just want me to click the link so they can hack me,” she added.

Little did she know she was questioning the wrong people.

The final straw was when she attempted to buy something herself and it wouldn’t process. So she rang her bank to finally sort out this foul play and that’s when they dropped the bombshell that $400 had been taken from her account.

I don't know about you, but that’s a decent chunk to have disappear.

The fraud team at the bank gathered three whole pages of alleged fraudulent purchases from different countries and that’s when Phoebe decided to delete the Temu app all together.

Others in the comments said they faced similar woes with the app. 

One person wrote: "Girl me too. They tried taking $1,500 from me."

"Oh, that's why I keep getting charged $5.99," wrote another.

While a third said: "That's why I only use gift cards..." 

Whether or not that is the root cause of her banking woes we can’t know for sure, but you know what they say - ‘It’s better to be safe than sorry’.

Phoebe went on to warn anyone else who has the app to be cautious about putting their bank details into the checkout process when buying items of the giant retail app.

She suggests if you do want to purchase items off the app to use Apple Pay or Paypal to reduce the risk of your details being stolen. 

So, spread the word, and protect your hard-earned dough when shopping online.