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Is this the future of parenting? AI glasses teach Mark Zuckerberg to braid his daughter’s hair

Is this the future of parenting? AI glasses teach Mark Zuckerberg to braid his daughter’s hair

Learning how to be a girl dad!

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is diving headfirst into the world of being a ‘girl dad’ thanks to some pretty nifty-looking new technology, but it’s got some divided on whether it’s a good idea to begin with.

In a recent Instagram post, Zuck posted a video using the new Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses to give him a lesson in parenting - braiding his daughter's hair!

It's important to remember he is the owner of Meta, so it's essentially just an ad promoting the new accessory in action.

"Finally learned to braid. Thanks, Meta AI,” he captioned the post.

In the clip, we see Zuck’s point of view standing in his daughter's bedroom with a brush in hand.

He confidently asks: "Hey Meta, how do you make a braid?"

In response, a friendly AI voice guides him step-by-step through the tricky process.

It’s clear he’s no hair expert but surprisingly manages a very impressive first attempt at a braid.

As he stands back proud of his work, he utters a simple: "Hey Meta, send a photo to Priscilla on WhatsApp," and voilà! 

The camera snaps and sends a pic without him lifting a finger. 

But it wouldn't be the internet without some divided opinions. People in the comments section can't seem to agree on just how useful the AI tech is.

Some are loving how handy they are for multi-tasking, with one person writing: “I love this example for three reasons.”

They continued: “Number one enabling bonding between parent and child, the hands-free aspect of it, and the clarity of the video!”

Another added: “Adorable and one of the most important skills for sure. 😍👏”

Others are concerned about the safety of strangers walking around with a camera strapped to their faces. 

“Honestly, I don’t like these glasses one bit. I don’t give permission to random strangers possibly filming me like that. These aren’t cool,” one person said.

While another added: “How is this safe?”

And While we are yet to hear about the privacy settings on these things, you have to admit, it looks pretty nifty to see how AI can be used in the world of parenting!