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Here’s why Diors new $480 perfume for babies could be a problem for more than just your wallet

Here’s why Diors new $480 perfume for babies could be a problem for more than just your wallet

Why does a baby need a scent?!

Dior has announced the release of Bonne Etoile, a perfume made for babies.

Now, it’s not exactly the perfumes we go spritzing on our necks, it’s actually a scented water for babies that's apparently "as simple as they are."

According to the Dior website, the fragrance is “formulated without alcohol and with 98% natural-origin ingredients, for good tolerance of the fragile skin”.

The bottle features an adorable design with printed clouds and butterflies on the frosted glass, complete with a coloured ribbon and a charmed metal star.

So, what will our babies smell like? 

Well, Perfume Creative Director, Francis Kurkdjian says: “I wanted to bypass the inevitable orange blossom, which has long been the signature scent of childhood, and find a soothing fragrance in a different formula: a dewy and green pear note, brightened by wild rose, wrapped in soft, cottony, protective musks.”

But hold on, studies suggest that a baby's natural scent is not just a fragrance, it's a chemical signal for mums to kick into maternal mode.

Justine Roberts, founder of the Mumsnet parental forum that worrying about whether your baby is "appropriately fragranced" is the last thing a new mom needs. 

“We can’t see baby perfume catching on. There’s more than enough to worry about as a new mum without factoring in the hassle and expense of making sure your baby is appropriately fragranced,” she said via The Telegraph.

After all, the sweet scent of your newborn's head is priceless – no matter how much Dior tries to bottle it.

Oh, and let's not kid ourselves, this little bottle of “simplicity” comes with a hefty price tag of NZ$478. To put it into perspective that’s roughly the price of 1080 nappies…

So, would you consider buying a bottle of this for your bubba?