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People are torn over this mum's hack to prepare Christmas dinner a whole month early

People are torn over this mum's hack to prepare Christmas dinner a whole month early

I don't know about you, but I'd rather not be in the kitchen all day too!

One mum has shared her early Christmas dinner prepping hack and not everyone can get on board.

Charlotte Crouch spilled her secrets on TikTok, and suddenly, the internet is divided on whether she's changed the game or just plain mad.

Charlotte takes a different approach – she preps her Christmas feast a whopping month in advance. But, before you raise an eyebrow, there's a perfectly good reason behind her madness.

In her clip, Charlotte asks: “Have you been to a shop before Christmas? They are manic. People just go nuts.”

That’s why she suggests grabbing everything you need in November, while the top-tier sort-after ingredients are still on the shelves. 

“If you go in November, it's just normal,” she adds.

But Charlotte's got a comeback for that too. She's not settling for store-bought meals, nope, she's making it all from scratch well in advance. She’s got everything ready to roll on Christmas day. 

Now, you might be thinking, ‘reheated Christmas dinner? You're mad!’ But the best part is she doesn’t have to lift a finger on the day meaning more time for family and friends. 

Come Christmas, Charlotte gets to kick back and enjoy the festivities without spending hours over the stove and scrubbing up dishes after it’s all been scoffed down by the masses.

“I put all of my stuff into disposable tins. It's the only time I ever do it, but it's so I can spend time with my kids."

Now, not everyone is on board with Charlotte's Christmas dinner hack. Some believe it's all about that fresh-cooked magic, not the reheated ease. 

One person said: "But it’s reheated and ruined."

"I like my dinner fresh. Not frozen," said another.

But Charlotte's response remained unphased. "This is what I do personally – and it works for the family,” she replied to the haters.

While another commenter praised her brilliant idea, writing: “I've never even thought of doing this! It's genius, especially the tins to cook in!”

Honestly, as someone who has put the hard yards in the kitchen every year, this is one hack I’m prepared to give a go. 

So, whether you're team Charlotte or team fresh and last minute, one thing's for sure - the efficiency is unmatched.