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A new Kiwi spin on the classic espresso martini uses a family pantry staple

A new Kiwi spin on the classic espresso martini uses a family pantry staple

Adultifying the kids' favourite drink

Bid farewell to your old faithful Espresso martini. This year we’re sipping the Milo-tinis - the cool, Kiwi cousin that’s doing the viral rounds.

Using the classic malt powder pantry staple, people are whipping up smooth and creamy beveraginos that are screaming to be served at the next cocktail night.

Posted to Instagram by @cocktails, the mix is created using 60ml of Baileys, 30ml vodka, 240ml of milk, and one scoop - heaped of course - of Milo.

grab your shaker, toss in some ice, and give it a good ol' shake, shake, shake.

pour that chocolicious concoction into a martini glass, and for an extra touch, give it a dusting of Milo to boujify it. Because why not?

We aren’t the only ones eyeing up this delicious-looking Kiwi spin on the classic cocktail. Comments are pouring in, filled with oohs and aahs, and some genius ideas to take it up a notch.

“Swap the milk out for ice cream and you've got a deal,” one user came through with the game-changing suggestion.

Then there's the cheeky one who joked: “One scoop of Milo-like mums watching you. So that means 3 as soon as her back is turned.” You know how it goes, right?

A third suggested “making a mocktail version” for the non-drinkers... so an iced milo, haha. We love the thought though!

Now, the big question: Is the Milo Martini the new star of our cocktail nights, or is it just messing with a classic?