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The Warehouse's new Winter Range looks so cosy it might just get us excited for colder weather

The Warehouse's new Winter Range looks so cosy it might just get us excited for colder weather

How many candles can one fit in a shopping basket?

With cooler months come shorter days and maybe a touch of seasonal depression. Luckily, a cosy revamp of your home and wardrobe can be just the thing to make the transition easier - especially if it doesn't break the bank.

The Warehouse have just launched their winter range for 2024, and before you yell 'too soon!' you might wanna take a look at what's on offer.


There are loads of candles to choose from. Go for a double wick with added crystals like the Zen Candle Quartz ($20) and suddenly all self-control is lost. 

The Speckled Faux Fur Throw ($49) might just be calling our names for the weekends spent watching movies with friends and family.

That’s only if our pets don’t claim territory for their mandatory snoozes first!

A plaid moment seems to be a hot trend for 2024, making its way onto these Woven Check Cushions ($20) and throws ($29) to match.

I can’t be the only one tempted to add this Velvet Block Printed Rug ($99) in almost every room of the house to avoid the dreaded shock of a cold floor in the early mornings. 


Layering is key to keeping warm in the cooler months, but we are not aiming to look like Joey wearing all of Chandler’s clothes in that one ep of ‘Friends’.

I think a simple scarf, sweater and jacket will do the trick.

As someone who genuinely lives in a scarf like it’s an additional part of my body, I am here for these Multi Wide Stripe ($20) options.

Or maybe a Split Hem High Neck sweater ($35) to keep our necks toasty.

This Long Sleeve Rib Midi Dress ($20) might be the new staple to amplify our wardrobe. If you’re anything like me, it's usually full of endless jeans and jerseys on rotate, but this would keep you cosy and be great for layering.

Forget paying $200 for a chic pair of slide-ons when you can get these Holly Mules ($22) for a fraction of the cost.

That extra cash is going straight to the utmost important purchases - MORE candles!