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Instead of paying hundreds for a colour analysis you can do your own using a selfie and ChatGPT

Instead of paying hundreds for a colour analysis you can do your own using a selfie and ChatGPT

Find out which colours suit your skin tone.

Colour analysis has been around for years, but now you can get yours done without having to book an appointment with the pros... just ask AI.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, professional colour consultants drape a range of fabrics in different shades and colours over your chest to decipher which colours complement your complexion.

This can be done seasonally by finding out if you suit summer, winter, autumn, or spring colours, or if cool or warm tones are your answer.

Some people are so interested in getting theirs done that they’ve gone as far as flying to Korea just to book an appointment with the pros.

You don’t have to go that far, because one clever chickie has found a hack on how to get our own colour analysis by asking ChatGPT.

Caroline instructs to take a photo with “little to no makeup” to make sure you get accurate results.

Once you’ve snapped a selfie you’re happy with, follow these steps:
Tap the edit button
2. From there, you’ll find the ‘mark up’ button in the top right corner of your screen
3. In there, you’ll find a colour wheel in the bottom right-hand corner - still following?
4. Tap ‘Sliders’ where you’ll spot a code made up of six letters and numbers
5. Now, tap the colour dropper in the top left that will find the exact colour codes

“You will find your exact skin colour. I like to do it on my chin,” Caroline said. “You’re gonna want to do those steps three times for your skin colour, your eye colour, and your hair colour.”

Once you’ve got all three codes, Caroline has whipped up a handy guide on what you need to ask ChatGPT.

Simply type in: “Do my colour analysis. I want to know what colours work best for me. My skin tone is [INSERT], my eye colour is [INSERT], and my hair colour is [INSERT].”

You can even go as far as asking specific questions like ‘What season am I?’

Now it’s important to note this isn't some new revolutionary styling hack. It also went bonkers in the ‘80s thanks to Carole Jackson’s book ‘Color Me Beautiful’.

I guess she really was onto something there! I’m off to go test my own colours, and I’ll get back to you with what I find.