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Heinz has just released a limited-edition 'Barbie-cue' sauce and it's PINK

Heinz has just released a limited-edition 'Barbie-cue' sauce and it's PINK

Thinking about everything I can drown in this sauce.

If you thought the Barbie hype had ended, you were oh-so-wrong! Our childhood dreams have come true - there’s officially a way to add pink to everything we eat.

Heinz UK has released the first pink ‘Barbie-cue Sauce’, a pink barbecue-flavoured mayo.

While we did raise an eyebrow wondering if April Fools came a little later in the UK, this is the real deal.

The pink sauce is made from vegan mayonnaise mixed with BBQ flavouring and beetroot extract for that perfect pink colour.

The limited edition sauce is in collaboration with Mattel to celebrate 65 years of Barbie.

The Heinz UK website describes the sauce as “the perfect pink pairing for burgers and brings extra smokiness to everything from chips to pizzas.”

Fans have been reacting online to the dream condiment come true on TikTok, with one writing: “That’s the best idea.”

“Dreams do come true …😀 I found you 😍,” said another.

While a third suggest making ‘Ken-chup’ and we’re absolutely on board for that!

“After seeing the reaction this sauce brought to our fans on social media, we knew we had to make it a reality,” said Thiago Rapp, director of taste elevation at Heinz. 

TikToker @kandy_kitty87 gave it a whirl and LOVED it.

While only a limited run of the sauce is releasing in the UK, if we petition hard enough we might be able to get it stocked here in NZ.

It’s not a want it’s a need!