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Latest NZ dating show 'My Mum Your Dad' forces kids to hear their parents cringey pickup lines

Latest NZ dating show 'My Mum Your Dad' forces kids to hear their parents cringey pickup lines

One mum recalls her accidental date with a 19 year old...

NZ’s newest reality show 'My Mum, Your Dad' debuted last night, treating viewers to a rollercoaster of intense flirtation, cringeworthy small talk, and kids learning more about their parents than they bargained for in just two episodes!

In case you missed it - The show revolves around "a group of kids taking action to get their single parents back in the dating game".

The parents are convinced that they’re participating in the 'second chance retreat', while their kids secretly take the reins as 'dating experts'.

However, it’s not a smooth ride for the kiddos. They’re exposed to watching their parents flirt, peck and a pash, and even delve deep into their best - or worst - texts and pickup lines.

In episode 2, the group of eight kids compete for the chance to send their mum or dad on a one-on-one date with whoever they choose. The catch? They are subject to their parents' embarrassing chat.

So, what better way to introduce some of the mums and dads than to rank their pick up lines best to worst on how much their kids cringed hearing them?

Connor (Son) and Jacks (Mum)
“One of my biggest turn-ons is someone really, really hairy”

Connor, take note for when a man with a rug for a chest walks in the door!

Jessie (Daughter) and Juanita (Mum)
“I don’t do pickup lines, I just do body language.”

Spicy! Jessie didn’t possibly think her mum would come out with that one.

Enzo (Son) and Flavio (Dad)
“I don’t pick up girls, they come to me.”

Flavio's confidence is fabulous!

Morgan (Daughter) and Elishevah (Mum)
“I accidentally went on a date with a 19-year-old when I was 42.” 

Her daughter knew it too! Hilarious.

Emma (Daughter) and Nick (Dad)
“Anything surprising happens today, other than meeting me?” and “My name is… but you can just call me yours…” 

Nicks charisma is off the charts! That was until we found out he also said: “The voices in my head said that I should talk to you.”

Sorry Nick, but that's a shocker.

The show is set to get even crazier from here with plenty more intruders and a lot more matchmaking to be had. We can’t wait!