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New iPhone update said to be ‘biggest yet’ with impressive new emoji creating feature

We'll probably still get a thumbs up from our grandparents
31 May 2024 1:23PM

If the thumbs up and facepalm aren't doing your expressions justice, you may soon be able to create your own emoji.

Currently, on an iPhone you’d need to download a third-party app that usually requires a paid subscription. However, Apple’s new iOS 18 update is set to change all of that.

Rumoured to be released this September, Tech radar reports that Apple is developing a program within the iPhone that will allow us to create custom emojis using the tool of the moment - yep, it’s AI.

Apple has been very quiet with its AI usage, especially compared to its competitor, Samsung, which recently released its S24 Ultra which packs in many features, including photo editing using AI.

Suggestions online, show that a Pinky Promise emoji could be popular, or a water bottle, even one with a person wearing headphones. 

Pinky Promise

While one pinterest board suggests chiefs kiss could be the perfect fit.


On the more whacky side, we hope we don’t see any angry poop in our inbox.

Dabbing Emoji

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has said this update could be “one of the biggest iOS updates – if not the biggest – in the company's history,”

While it is unsure at this stage, which phones will be able to get the update the current iOS17 is available from the iPhoneXR onwards.

Will it stop our grandparents from replying thumbs up to every message? Probably not. It will probably make communicating with the youth worse, but we’re here for it.