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Woman shocks thousands in viral video showing what this popular Shein wallet is really made of

At least they're recyling right?
29 May 2024 2:43PM

If you have ever purchased a wallet from the Shein, consider taking a peek behind the fabric to reveal what it’s really made from.

Viral footage reveals the fashion site is taking ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ to another level.

In the video, the woman shows the shiny black wallet before opening it up to shock thousands online.

“POV: your card gets stuck in the purse you brought from Shein so you have to rip it and you find out it’s made out of a covid testing kit box,” the woman explains.

Beneath the fabric that has been cut open, you can see the words “Self-test at home’ written on the bright orange cardboard that is lining the wallet.

The video has gained a whopping 12 million views in four days.

The comment section was left in utter shock, with many saying they were tempted to cut open their own wallet they purchased from the fashion site.

 “I have the same one and want to see it now 💀”

 “I HAVE THAT PURSE IM DOING IT,” added another.

The woman mentions in a comment alongside her video that she was caught off guard, but gives credit to Shein for their resourcefulness.

“Shein recycling slay,” she said. While another wrote: “I think that’s cool though!! Reusing and recycling is better than making more cardboard or material for the wallet”

It doesn't appear to be the only wallet that has this inside. Another woman revealed: “Omg I just cut open a shein wallet I had and it was made out of either a biscuit or chocolate box I couldn’t tell the writing wasn’t in English”

What do you think? Is this another controversy on Shein’s list or do we applaud their recycling efforts?