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Kiwi teen creates clever way to help NZ families fight the rising cost of school uniforms

We can't wait to see this grow!
6 June 2024 12:46PM

School Uniforms are getting more expensive every year, with some costing around $400 a kit. It’s even worse when kids hit a growth spurt, and need a new uniform a few years later.

After struggling to get a new pair of school pants, Year 12 Napier Boys High student, Hugo Moffett has come up with an incredible idea to make it more affordable for families - a website to buy and sell second-hand uniforms.

Speaking with The Breakfast Club, Hugo said he first had the idea after seeing an article in the NZ Herald that said families had to cut down on food to afford school uniforms.

“I also ripped my school pants, and tried to get new ones and that was a mission because they were expensive and the shop was only open a few times a week”


Explaining how the website works, Hugo said you upload the uniform you want to sell and anyone can purchase it. Once the sale has been made, the money will go straight into your bank account.

They have each uniform piece, from ties to hats and long sleeves all in separate categories to make shopping super simple.

While on the website, they mention there is a 5% fee, to help cover their costs, the money you’d be saving compared to a brand new uniform is absolutely worth it.

When comparing the price of a new uniform, Hugo mentioned some blazers can range from $200 to $1,000 however the second-hand options on his website were currently only $60.

Hugo explains that he came up with the idea one month ago in Science class, saying “My original idea was to buy it in bulk and sell it, but that was really high risk in case it didn't end up selling”.

While it’s only the start, we can’t wait to see this expand and help more families save money through Hugo’s website and social media.