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Whoopi Goldberg gives us the emotional ‘Sister Act 2’ reunion we didn’t know we needed

Whoopi Goldberg gives us the emotional ‘Sister Act 2’ reunion we didn’t know we needed

It really was the reunion we didn't know we needed
10 June 2024 2:41PM

Nothing makes us feel older than realising it's been 30 years since ‘Sister Act 2’ graced our screens.

This week the much-loved cast of the movie reunited to celebrate the 30th anniversary, and what better place to do so than on an episode of Whoopi Goldbergs talk show, ‘The View’.

Throughout the episode, the cast reminisced about the film, behind-the-scenes moments, and of course had to recreate a few iconic moments from the musical.

We’re collectively losing it over this hip-hop- version of ‘Joyful, Joyful’.

While we did notice Lauryn Hill was absent, another cast member, Tanya Trotter, took over her solo performance and ACED it.

One particular moment has captured the hearts of many fans, gaining over a million views on YouTube, within just four days. 

The cast recreated the final scene of the teen choir soulfully singing the hymn ‘Oh Happy Day’, with lead singer Ahmal (Tyan Toby) all grown up.

The majority of the cast returned, with Goldberg at the front conducting the choir, just as she did in 1993.

Many have shared their emotion on social media with comments on the video saying:

“This made my entire life today. I laughed, cried, sang. Just rejoiced and seeing almost the entire cast”

While another added: “Listen I wasn't expecting to be emotional over this movie 😢 been cutting onions all morning”

Following the iconic performance, Goldberg became emotional - just like the rest of us - and spoke about why both ‘Sister Act 2’ and the original still resonate with fans.

“Worldwide, it doesn’t matter how old you are, you are the age of those kids when you see the movie.”

It may have taken over 30 years for a reunion, but as one person said on ‘The View’ Instagram page: “Its the reunion we didn’t know we needed”

‘Sister Act 3’, has been rumoured to be in the works with Disney posting to X (formally Twitter): “Sister Act 3 is in development! Whoopi Goldberg returns to star and produce” however there is no confirmation of when we can expect it on Disney +”

We’ll be holding out for this one, in the meantime I’m going to watch these reunion clips on repeat.