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Need a practice before More FM’s Pop Quiz returns next week?
Well, we have you sorted! 

We've taken all the questions from last week and handpicked 10 for you to practice on. 

No need to worry about the 60-second timer here, now is the time to practice and get prepped to take on the Pop Quiz next week.
The best part is we basically give you the answers with this one since every question is just multiple-choice! (Surely that will make it easier right...?) 

It’s time to see how well you’ve paid attention this week…

Questions are updated weekly from the previous week’s Pop Quiz.

We've been running our Pop Quiz since 2014. Just answer ten questions correctly in 60 seconds, and you’ll be taking home the cash.
Call 0800 MORE FM, play along and you could score $1,000! 

Play with The Breakfast Club at 7.50am and with Jay-Jay & Flynny at 4.50pm every weekday.