Men are Furious Over New Pantene Commerical

A new ad from Pantene in America has received almost 50% of dislikes from viewers for suggesting women to not be sorry.
Patene's ad, which debuted online a couple of days ago, tells women to not always apologise in the aspect of daily life.
"Sorry, NOT SORRY" for asking you to watch this video," the blurb reads on YouTube. "As women, we weaken our own strength (in ways men never do) at work, at home, during moments in between. Sorry is more than just one, little reflex word."
Men in particular have been vocal in the comments section, criticising the campaign that appears to encourage rudeness rather than strength.
"I say sorry all the time and I'm a man, everyone does this. And taking the covers from your husband is "equality"?" one man writes.
"So this commercial is telling woman that being courteous and polite is weak and being rude and inconsiderate is "empowering"?" says another.
Watch the video above - have Pantene pushed its message in the wrong way?