Surprise 'Gender Reveal' party backfires on parents

Warning: this video contains coarse language
Well, what gender is the baby then?
Joe Krummel on YouTube posted this video of him and his wife revealing the gender of their unborn baby to all their friends and family.
And to make sure that it was a surprise for everyone - no one knew what the gender was accept the card the party store was given. 
"We invited 30 friends and family over for a lovely brunch and gender reveal party for our new baby. It was simple, BLUE balloons for a boy or PINK balloons for a girl... or so we thought!" he wrote with his video.
"The whole party was ruined by a party store with an incompetent balloon employee who clearly had no idea what a gender reveal party is."
Oops. Luckily, a friend did a more thorough search of the box and found the card with their baby's gender. Their friends filled the box with baby-themed balloons the couple had purchased as decoration and resealed it.
"Our friends knew the baby's gender before we did!" Joe told TODAY.
So they got to redo their gender reveal with a little help from their loved ones - and they were finally happy to learn they were getting a baby boy!