Wild weather lays waste to couple's wedding celebrations

They say rain on your wedding day is good luck - so what does a storm during your wedding after-party mean?
Well definitely a lot of mess, as was the case for a Taranaki couple.
Claire Chamberlain married husband Brendon on Friday on their property in Kaponga.
"It was a stunning day, blue sky, no wind," says Chamberlain.
But the perfect weather didn't continue for the "after-match" on Saturday night. In fact it was the total opposite.
Ms Chamberlain and around 20 others were dancing and drinking in a marquee when the storm rolled through.
"My brother-in-law noticed the marquee extension had flown away, so some of the guys tried to hold the marquee poles down. They all flew into the air - the guys included."
Ms Chamberlain says luckily no one was injured.
"Tables and chairs flew all over the paddock.  We called the fire service, who advised us to go into the house. It was like a movie. It was pretty scary."
While the wild weather shortened the party, she says it definitely didn't ruin the wedding.