Little girl tells her teacher about dad "growing weed" at home

funny stuff 01/03/2017
She wasn't technically wrong, but it did get the teacher a bit concerned...
One dad had to set the record straight to his daughter's teacher, and anyone else who was a bit worried that he was "growing weed" in his family home.
Recounting the scene on Facebook, dad Dax Holt writes:
My child's teacher: "so Skylar tells me you guys have a ton of weed at home." 
Me: "umm"
Teacher: "she said you're growing it"
So to clear things up, he asked his young daughter on camera "what did you tell your teachers today?" To which she replies; "Weed is not good for you. Because weed is stuff that is grass but it's not grass because it's weed."
And when she points out the innocent weeds that grow around her lawn, it all makes sense.
Thankfully, dad isn't in trouble anymore, and his daughter is now a viral star.