Live TV interview interrupted this time by a cat

A political correspondent has dealt to an unexpected visitor during a live interview with TV network France 24, just days after a BBC interviewee's live broadcast was interrupted by his kids.
In the latest unforeseen interruption of a live interview, freelance journalist Jasper Mortimer was part-way through talking about the deteriorating relationship between Turkey and the Netherlands when an intrepid feline entered the frame.
But unlike Professor Robert Kelly, who couldn't stop apologising when his children gatecrashed his interview on Korean politics with the BBC, Mr Mortimer was much more skilful in dealing with his own surprise guest.
Seeing the cat walking along his desk just off-screen whilst in the middle of speaking, Mr Mortimer raised one hand to pick the meowing kitty up before pushing it away from his chest and dropping it on the ground.
Impressively, he was able to prevent many people even seeing the incident while the interviewed was being aired on France 24, as the show had decided to go with a split-screen which meant only his profile was in the shot.
However another view of Mr Mortimer showed the ginger tabby very much in shot, and it can be heard meowing loudly in protest as it is prevented from a cuddle with its busy owner.