Parents of the viral BBC interview open up about the hilarious mishap

The professor who created a viral sensation when he was hilariously interrupted by his young kids during a BBC live video interview has gone on camera again - this time with the kids in his grasp.
Professor Robert Kelly was speaking on BBC World about the serious issue of Korean politics in early March, when his toddler daughter strode exuberantly into the room. She was soon followed by her baby brother who scooted through the doorway in a baby walker.
Their mother slid in after them, trying but failing to stay out of the view of the camera, and hurriedly swept the kids out of the room.
This time, Prof Kelly spoke to BBC News in another video interview from his home, with his wife Jung-a Kim sitting beside him and children Marion and James wriggling in their arms.
Ms Kim said the aftermath of the incident was stressful, but "we have tried to handle it. We're fine."
Prof Kelly said they understand why people liked it so much.
"We laughed a lot," Ms Kim said, after getting over their initial embarrassment.
"We were worried actually that the BBC would never call us again," Prof Kelly said.
Many people around the world had assumed Ms Kim was Prof Kelly's nanny, not his wife.
"We were pretty uncomfortable with it," he told the BBC.
"I hope people just enjoy it, not argue over this thing," said Ms Kim.
And, addressing another question from viewers, Prof Kelly said: "Yes, I was wearing pants."