This man is dumbfounded when he is told how much his old Rolex is now worth

And now we learn why it's important to keep the box, receipt, and all other little things!

This man bought himself something very valuable back in the 60's, but he had no idea just how valuable it was.

He picked up a 1960 GMT Master Model Rolex for $120.35 ($894 in today's money) back when he was stationed in Germany. His sergeant told him they were the best watches ever made and being a military man, he was used to doing what his sergeant told him.
He took the watch to the Antique Roadshow to get it valued, and he thought it would probably be worth around $1,500.  
The antique expert blows the man's mind by telling him that the watch is now worth around $65,000 to $75,000!

He had kept all the original paperwork, even his receipt, as well as the original box and bracelet, which added a lot of value, but without it, the rare watch would still be worth a lot.