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Win $1,000 Floatation Sanctuary Sports Recovery Membership!

Win $1,000 Floatation Sanctuary Sports Recovery Membership!

Here's your chance to get a 6-month membership to the Floatation Sanctuary's state of the art Sports Recovery Centre with More FM Taranaki!
12 May 2024

More FM is excited to share an opportunity for one of our lucky listeners to win a 6-month membership to the Floatation Sanctuary’s new Sports Recovery Centre!

The Floatation Sanctuary Recovery Centre provides a valuable asset for the community of Taranaki to support athletes and fitness enthusiasts in their pursuit of peak performance and wellbeing. Whilst focused on athlete recovery, the centre is proud to provide state-of-the-art facilities dedicated to everyone’s well-being and recovery.


You can enter the draw on our More FM Taranaki Facebook page.

Here are the benefits of this incredible prize, worth more than $1,000, all thanks to Floatation Sanctuary:

Contrast is defined as "the state of being strikingly different from something else in close association." Sauna and ice baths have incredible benefits on their own, but together they create the dream team. Contrast therapy is an age old practice of deliberately exposing oneself to high heat and uncomfortably cold environments, which research confirms has significant health benefits when it comes to recovery, metabolism and mental resilience.

When exposing the body to heat, it produces Heat Shock Proteins which carry benefits that promote muscle repair and reduce inflammation. The 5 key benefits of sauna therapy are:

  • Cardiovascular health

  • Autoimmune, chronic pain & fatigue conditions

  • Mental health

  • Exercise performance & metabolism

  • Detoxification


By creating a disciplined practice of ‘deliberate cold exposure’, you can look forward to the following 5 key benefits:

  • Better stress management

  • Enhanced immune system function

  • Improved clarity of mind

  • Better sleep

  • Significant increase in epinephrine & norepinephrine, bringing you energy & focus

The benefits of doing hot/cold therapy regularly include:

  • longevity

  • elevated mood

  • increased energy

  • reduced inflammation

  • detoxification

  • lowered blood pressure

  • relaxation

  • improved circulation

  • increased mental resilience


Pneumatic Compression is an innovative technology designed to enhance recovery and circulation. Utilised by athletes, non-athletes, patients, and wellness enthusiasts, it employs dynamic air compression to massage limbs, aiding in the removal of metabolic waste and increasing blood flow.


  • Helps with Lactic Acid & Lymphatic Flushing

  • Reduces inflammation & water accumulation

  • Accelerates recovery, so you're ready to go

  • Helps prevent & eliminate varicose veins

To find out more about the Sports Recovery Centre and all of Floatation Sanctuary's services, visit https://floatation.co.nz/