Party at your workplace with Jase & Jay-Jay


The 90’s were the greatest decade in music, right?!

It gave us The Spice Girls, Aqua, Nirvana and The Backstreet Boys. It was the decade of pop, rave and boy band explosion. We loved Friends, Seinfeld, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and we couldn't get enough flannelette, double denim, scrunchies and mood rings.

More FM is giving you the chance to relive it all - at your office with Jase & Jay-Jay, all in celebration of our Annual Top 99 of the 90’s Countdown!

We’ll bring the top 99 hits of the 90’s, some spaceman sticks and of course Jase and Jay-Jay - who will broadcast their show LIVE from your office - Friday 31st May from 3pm.

(P.S. Dress up is compulsory!)

Have your say on the Annual Top 99 of the 90’s Countdown now, and register your workplace below: