More FM’s Milo® Kiwi Road Trip


Milo® is celebrating 85 years as a Kiwi family favourite, to celebrate Jay-Jay & Flynny are heading off on a Kiwi road trip. They want to visit the hidden gems of New Zealand and share a hot cup of Milo® with you! 

Milo® has been a Kiwi classic since 1935, whether you had your little hands wrapped tightly around the mug after a winter sport, or it was a cold night tradition, we all know that nostalgic taste and feeling of the hot choc-malt drink! 

Jay-Jay & Flynny can’t wait to bring their Milo® Kiwi road trip to your town and share a Kiwi classic with you and your family. So, let us know the unique charm of your town and why they should visit you there!

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Milo - Loved by Kiwis for 85 years
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