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'Is It Cake?' viewers are furious over contestant potential 'cheating' move

'Is It Cake?' viewers are furious over contestant potential 'cheating' move

Who knew cake could be so controversial?
30 March 2022 5:07PM

Netflix's newest baking competition 'Is It Cake?' has become one of the top streamed shows this month - but it hasn't escaped a touch of controversy for one of the fan favourite bakers.

If you've not seen the show, nine bakers are tasked to recreate replicas of everyday items using the medium of cake. Their cake replicas are then tested against real 'decoy' objects and judges are then asked to work out if they can see what item is real, or 'Is It Cake?'

Each episode, the winning baker can win cash, with the grand prize winner taking away $50,000.

However, from the first episode, fans have been heated from the actions of contestant Jonny who told the camera he was going to use fake tomatoes in his real decoy taco shells, as a way to deceive the judges.

'Is It Cake?' viewers are furious over contestant potential 'cheating' move

With Jonny going out of his way to trick the judges, fans were unimpressed, thinking this  wasn't fair as it "defeats the purpose of the competition."

"#IsItCake Johnny cheated by putting his fake tomatoes into the decoy cakes," one person wrote on Twitter.

Another stated, "#IsItCake I came here to confirm that everyone agrees Johnny cheated in the first episode with the fake tomatoes, and I feel so validated that we're all on the same page bc I'm FURIOUS."

While Jonny or Netflix have not yet commented on the controversy, other fans believe that there were no set rules about altering decoys as the show would have stopped other contestants pulling similar moves.

In fact, one judge suggested in the same challenge that fake sesame seeds could have been applied to real burgers in order to make it more difficult to tell them apart.

No matter where your opinion lies on the matter - you have to admit that cake has never looked so good.