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New Zealand's top 10 most stolen cars revealed

New Zealand's top 10 most stolen cars revealed

The data comes from three years of AMI insurance claims received for stolen cars.
4 October 2022 9:09PM

Kiwi Mazda owners will need to be wary - Mazda Demio has topped the list for the most stolen car in Aotearoa.

Insurance company AMI have reviewed three years worth of insurance claims received for stolen cars, and from the 12,000 stolen cars reported to them, Mazda Demio accounted for 10% of them.

In terms of popularity, the Mazda Demio only makes up 1.5% of the country's cars, AMI said in a statement. But despite their high theft rate, 94% of stolen Demio have also been recovered.

The second-most stolen car was Mazda Atenza, while third place goes to Nissan Tiida.

Auckland had the highest number of vehicle thefts with in the country, making up 39% of all claims, and had twice as many reported thefts  (4489 claims) than runner-up Canterbury with 2074.

Top 10 most stolen vehicles across New Zealand

  1. Mazda Demio – 1,176 claims
  2. Mazda Atenza (also known as Mazda6) – 774 claims
  3. Nissan Tiida – 700 claims
  4. Subaru Legacy – 458 claims
  5. Mazda Familia – 456 claims
  6. Subaru Impreza – 387 claims
  7. Toyota Hilux – 384 claims
  8. Ford Courier – 264 claims
  9. Subaru Forester – 237 claims
  10. Honda Civic – 187 claims

* Based on AMI Insurance motor claims data from 2019-2021. Cars are ranked from highest frequency of theft to lowest.

The most stolen vehicle type per region:

Northland – Toyota Hilux

Auckland – Nissan Tiida

Waikato – Mazda Atenza

Taranaki – Mazda Demio

Bay of Plenty – Mazda Demio

East Coast – Mazda Atenza

Manawatu – Mazda Atenza

Hawkes Bay – Mazda Demio

Wairarapa – Ford Courier

Wellington – Mazda Demio

Nelson – Mazda Demio

West Coast – Toyota Hilux

Canterbury – Toyota Hilux

Otago – Mazda Demio

Southland – Mazda Demio

In terms of recovery rate, the Toyota Hilux has the lowest rates of recovery at 30%, followed by the Ford Courier at 47%.