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Bride asks guests to pay $15 for unlimited booze at wedding and people are conflicted

Bride asks guests to pay $15 for unlimited booze at wedding and people are conflicted

"It's just the approach that isn't good, not the idea."
27 June 2022 4:46PM

We all know how expensive weddings can be, however, this bride’s entrepreneurial tactic has people divided.

A post on Reddit’s ‘Wedding Shaming’ forum revealed the controversial fundraising strategy.

The bride suggested that if guests wanted access to drinks all night, they would need to pay a $15 fee. $10 of that $15 would go towards the newlyweds’ honeymoon or new home, while the rest of it would go towards the bartender as a tip.

Redditors in the comments had a lot to say about the matter.

It seems the consensus is that they don’t mind the idea of a $15 open bar ticket, but they way the bride delivered the idea is a bit overboard.

One redditor commented:

“I think the execution is bad. But not a horrible idea,” another added. “I wouldn’t put anything about the honeymoon fund. Just list their price.”

A third person was, again, confused at the presentation of the idea, and suggested the bride-to-be make it a lot simpler.

“I think the issue is the messaging. They shouldn't call it an open bar," they proposed. “Just say the $15 is to cover the cost of the bar and give people a wristband or something.

"Making it like this weird pay for my honeymoon thing just makes it bizarre," they continued. "They could even charge more since most people are gonna get their $15 worth of served alcohol.”

Of course, not everyone was happy with the idea. A couple of Redditors believe that weddings are a time to catch up with loved ones, not fork out cash to fund someone else’s honeymoon.

“I know everyone is saying this is 'fair', which it would be if this were a public event,” one sceptic said.

“This is a wedding and she is asking her guests to pay for drinks so they can afford a honeymoon. I...just can’t.”

“Call me crazy! I always thought weddings were an opportunity to have friends and family have fun together, not FUNDRAISE,” wrote another passionate Redditor.