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Marlon Williams makes Lyttleton come alive with new song 'My Boy'
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Marlon Williams makes Lyttleton come alive with new song 'My Boy'

After switching his focus to acting, Marlon is back with his first song for 2022.
22 June 2022 6:00PM

Kiwi singer Marlon Williams has returned with his first song since 2018, releasing the pop/folk fusion track 'My Boy'.

"My Boy is a pop song with a Māori folk strum," describes 31-year-old Marlon.

"The urge to turn every song on the planet into a Māori strummer descended on me like a fever sometime during the long and winding tour cycle of [his second album] Make Way for Love."

"So, writing it into my artistic life became the only way to get the fever to lift."

The music video for 'My Boy' was shot in the height of the Aotearoa summer between Marlon's front yard and the Lyttelton Trinity Hall. As well as featuring in the music video, Marlon also plays co-director alongside Martin Sagadin, and featured an all-star local cast.

Marlon's previous album 'Make Way For Love' was critically acclaimed in 2018, winning the Album of the Year at the Aotearoa Music Awards, topping the New Zealand Top 40 charts and reaching 8th on the Australian music charts. The album featured his hit song 'Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore' which won a Silver Scroll at the 2018 APRA Awards.

“Some simple songs will try to tempt and lure you into over-complication; this one showed no such insecurities,” said Marlon.

Marlon Williams has been busy the past few years, focusing on acting, and landing major roles in films 'The True History of the Kelly Gang', 'Lone Wolf', 'The Beautiful Lie' and the current Netflix series 'Sweet Tooth', as well as making a cameo in the film, 'A Star Is Born'.

In recent times, Marlon has toured overseas with Lorde and Florence Welch, and has announced that he's heading out on tour across the US, UK and Europe from September.